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Why aren't they converting?

  • 6 November 2022
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Hi Carrot Community!


I’m following the 3LPD training as we speak and just checked the last 7 days stats from my website.

Sadly I have a 0% conversion rate for all of my pages, but most shockingly from my home page.

Would you mind taking a look at my sites home page and letting me know if you see anything that may be preventing visitors from converting?


Thank you in advance for any advice!





4 replies

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Although there’s always room for improvement the core issue here is more likely to be driving traffic to the site rather than conversion. What are you doing currently to drive traffic to the site? -Andy

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Hi @Andykolodgie, Im currently following the 3LPD training and building citations. Backlinks, and blogging.

I'm also doing a mix of social media posts and craigslist ads that include a link to my home page or to a blog post.


Here is a list of the platforms I'm active on:






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Here you go @smokymtnhomebuyers1! This is just my two cents :D 

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@sdjohnso stalking = competitive research lol


@smokymtnhomebuyers1 Here are some resources for you:


You need people to trust that you provide a good service. You can even just have people who you've worked with before talking about how you've benefited them on previous projects. Etc.

These pages talk about what makes a good testimonial:






Image Copyright

​Make sure you either take the new images for your site yourself or go through a stock photo agency. The images that come up during a google image search are copyrighted and may lead to a copyright infringement suit against you!

Images you find on google images are not necessarily available for use unless the image expressly says it is free to use for commercial use. Taking images from a google image search can leave you open to be sued for copyright infringement.


I hope this helps. Let us know if you need help or have questions on any of this.