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Will This Cannibalize my SEO Content?

  • 15 February 2023
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Hello. I am looking to niche down some for city sites. At this point we have "We buy homes in ______" for 10+ cities in our local market. I want to niche down into condo's as well. Do you recommend, I do a city site for each condo territory? Or do you think it will cannibalize itself and work against us? Or just do one city site for condos and mention the other cities in one page?  Thank you in advance! 

4 replies

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@Steve D - Florida I know you got this question answered in chat but want to post it here in case other members have the same question.


Here is Taylor’s answer:

In lieu of him not having access to our keyword explorer tool (only available for Advanced Marketer members) where he can identify monthly search volume related to that phrase for Florida, it’s not going to hurt his home page or other locations so long as his word density is high for "condo" and other entities/keyword phrases. You can’t just simply duplicate your existing pages, update the location and H1, and call it good. That would likely confuse or muddy the picture for Google between the city pages and the condo pages. There are lots of condo-related items that single-family homes don’t cover (HOA, Airbnb rental stuff, timeshares, etc) that he can include in the content to make the overall picture clear to Google!

There are probably a handful of content library posts (available for our Content Pro and Advanced Marketer members) that focus on condos. Create a page set to rank for condos, link out to those supplemental (but 30% edited!!) posts somewhere on the page, and more likely than not they are going to dominate any kind of search phrases that include “sell” and “condo” for that area. FL is probably going to have a higher volume than most other states.


Peter adds:

Sounds like you could definitely launch condo pages in tandem with your existing city pages, but make sure to make the picture clear to Google about what these pages are for. Condos and condo-related items! Go heavy on the messaging :)


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Yuuuup! Agreed, @beth

@Steve D - Florida, to clear it up a bit in my own mind, I’d say what you’re looking to do is:

  • Duplicate the Page You’re going to use
  • Use the neighborhood/subdivision name along with sprinkling the city throughout the page
  • Change all of your image tags/text to reflect that neighborhood/subdivision in that city
  • If you can name off certain characteristics of that neighborhood it would make it more “real”
  • Include those unique characteristics that Taylor brought up that are condo related. (Linking to the HOA  page is an easy outbound link)
  • I’d use a Sentence Changer to change the whole darn post so it’s completely unique. I paid $25 for this one. I still read through the post and make it sound like me, but since it’s completely different from the original post it makes it that much more effective in my opinion. I also have a paid subscription for Grammarly, which helps me make it make sense while I’m rewording it.

Hope this helps!


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Hi @sdjohnso Thanks for jumping in!

When you say Sentence Changer, is this an AI product or something else?

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Thank you all very much for the clarification.  This helps a lot!!  @beth and @sdjohnso