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Planning an EPIC 2023 w/ Trevor Mauch, CEO - Recording

  • 9 January 2023
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In case you missed @Trevor.Mauch’s annual EPIC call!



Join me for my Biggest and Favorite call I do all year! I'm going to dive deep into some of the freshest lessons i've learned over the past year from running two 7 figure software companies, and maintaining a healthy balance between those endeavors and my personal life.

I've been doing this crazy 2 hour long "EPIC Planning Call' for FIVE years in a row! So I can share the exact process I use to get crystal clear on where I'm headed in business & life, and create a legitimate plan that actually gets me there. This is the planning process that's put us on the INC 500/5000 fastest growing companies list six years in a row. That's helped us thrive in one of the most challenging years. It's a process that creates freedom, instead of heading back to the grind. All you gotta do is show up and commit! 


Resources mentioned in the EPIC call are linked up below:

Daily Habit Tracker Worksheet + explanation

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