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Overwhelmed and Need to do deal

  • 27 September 2022
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So I’ve been on carrot for the better part of this year.  I’ve had all kinds of life distractions - who doesn’t, I guess. Started the 30 day challenge in August - haven’t finished it yet.  I’m not getting any leads, and I feel the pressure.  One of my keywords was in first position for a week or 2 now it’s slipping.  

I am open to all suggestions on how to get this thing running more effectively.

I need some guidance on scripts and talking with sellers as well.

Thank you in advance Carrot Community.

32 replies

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Correct me if I’m wrong, @beaconri, but the 30 day challenge is the same as the 3 Lead Per Day Training, right?

What parts of the 30 Day Challenge have you completed thus far, so we have an idea of where you’re at in that process.

Also, please provide your web site link.


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The 30 Day Challenge and 3 Leads Per Day are different trainings, @sdjohnso .

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@beaconri I highly recommend watching Pace Morby’s videos on YouTube, joining his free Facebook group and going to his website www.subto.com .  He provides a ton of free content including scripts, forms, training, etc.  I have not signed up for his training yet but have learned quite a bit from him already.

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@beaconriI highly recommend watching Pace Morby’s videos on YouTube, joining his free Facebook group and going to his website www.subto.com .  He provides a ton of free content including scripts, forms, training, etc.  I have not signed up for his training yet but have learned quite a bit from him already.

Yea, I’ve been watching some of his videos. That guys is sharp.

Currently working a deal with Matt from The Brewer Method. They’re solid as well. 

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Hi John! Glad you are asking for a second set of eyes here.

I took a brief look at your site. You have done a great job building out the Personalization and Localization aspect of the site! I see room for improvement on the Credibility side of things. Good credibility will definitely help convert your site visitors to leads. 

Do you have any social media accounts active and connected to your site? A Google Business page is a MUST in our experience.  If you can get a couple more testimonials added to the site and a couple accounts connected, that creates both backlinks AND credibility for visitors. 3LPD training will definitely touch on that as well. Our support team can assist you in adding any recent testimonials or social media pages, no problem.

We recommend running some online PPC ads to generate site traffic--if you only published this year, it may be beneficial to drive more traffic to the site to signal to Google that it is active. Our Success team can advise on how to target and where to start, no problem (I also believe the training touches on this too).

Hope this helps!

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@beaconri Just checking in to see how you are doing 😃

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@beaconri, apologies but I didn’t really answer your question. Just went off on a tangent. 

It’s A Marathon

Just remember that developing an online footprint and ranking on Google is a marathon, not a sprint. While a lot of what you learn is meant to help you rank as quickly as possible, it’s still going to take time to set in. In a hot market you’re looking at 1 year or hardcore SEO work. For a smaller market like mine, it took about 6 months. Following the 3LPD Training and the 30 Day Challenge is what drove us to ranking in the top 3

Don’t Overthink

Rankings are going to go up and down as Google’s Algorithm adjusts. Don’t worry about your rank “slipping” immediately. Watch it closely and see what it does. The you can reach out to the community here for guidance. 

Develop A Foundation

What I’d highly recommend is for you to search up all of the posts by @Keith. He’s a straight up SEO master and has posted a ton of content here in the community that will help you get ranked in the top 3. As you lay this foundation, you’ll see that leads start to come in. How many and how quickly is super dependent on your market. We’re in a smaller market and the Google Organic leads come, albeit slowly. We’re ranked Top 3, it’s just that the search volume for the keywords is lower since we have a smaller population.

Also be sure to use video and picture testimonials on your page! You can use the “text only” - Kevin P. if you want to, but in my opinion they’re trash. Have some friends do videos attesting to your character and their working with you in the past if you haven’t done a deal yet. 

I hope this helps!


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@ everyone -  so all of the comments here were in my spam folder, so sorry for the late replies.

  • @sdjohnso - the 30 day challenge has gotten hung up on some tehcnicality on day 4 as to who owns my website.  I have not been able to get that cleared up.  I haven’t paid it any attention in a while either - my bad.  I went to Carrot and they said I needed to go back to Google.  And Google says I need to go back to the owner.  I thought I was the owner, but they have someone else listed as the owner,.  Not sure how to proceed with that.

    • my website is www.beaconbuyshomes.com

    • getting testimonials is really a challenge for me - I just don’t have anyone to ask tbh.  btw, i have no friends lol.  seriously, though, i don’t know many people but I think now I will try to ping some people for a favor.  thanks for the idea.

  • @lisa I am in the advnaced marketer program and CSU made my site.  so they did a good job.  i know nothing about a Google biz page.  I added my biz name to one of my rental properties.  idk if that matters.  and i was informed that i shouldn’t use my own social media accounts for backlinks; if that in fact is what you are saying.  Who is the Success team?  Never heard of them.  Whenever someone tells me to go to such and such at Carrot - my response is I didn’t know it/they/whatever existed until mentioned at that time.  How does one get in touch with the Success team?

  • @beth - I may feel like I’m getting kicked down to the mat, but I get up every darn day.  I don’t always work in Carrot, but I keep coming back :-)

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@stevew22 -oops didn’t mean to leave you off that big post.  thanks for the advice.

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@beaconri Thanks for checking in!


Can you tell me a bit more about this: “the 30 day challenge has gotten hung up on some technicality on day 4 as to who owns my website”

I couldn’t find that conversation. It looks like your custom domain name is registered at namecheap and I’m not sure where google fits in.


How to set up google my business page (now called google business profile):




Step 3 on this page will show you how to add a service area instead of a physical location:



Google my business basics coaching call (you need to be logged into your Carrot account to view this):



How to create a link for customers to write google reviews on your google my business page:



Why you want a google my business page:



Social media and your site

Connecting your social media to your site helps google and your site visitors get a better idea of who you are and who your company serves/helps. I’m not sure why you were told not to connect your social media to your site. Maybe they were saying don’t connect personal social media to your site and only social media with your company name and branding?

How to add or remove social media links: https://help.carrot.com/tutorial/add-or-remove-social-media-links/

How to add your site url/address to your facebook page: https://yourbusiness.azcentral.com/put-business-website-facebook-21899.html


Character testimonials

Are there people you have worked with in the past in a professional setting that can vouch for your character?

This page talks about the different testimonials including character testimonials. Character testimonials are great for when you are just starting out: https://carrot.com/blog/6-testimonial-types-real-estate-advertising/


Since you an Advanced Marketer, you have 2 video call opportunities:


I know this is a lot of info. Let me know if you have any questions or if I missed answering anything. Thanks for your help with this.

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@beaconriI highly recommend watching Pace Morby’s videos on YouTube, joining his free Facebook group and going to his website www.subto.com .  He provides a ton of free content including scripts, forms, training, etc.  I have not signed up for his training yet but have learned quite a bit from him already.

I follow PACE Morby and Jerry Norton. BOTH will guide you through… Be encourage and find that deal.

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I’d get a VA to help fill in the gaps and keep you on track. I think you’ll find that everyone who hired a VA will say that they should have hired them much earlier or even on Day 1.

Carrot recommends Rocket Station and I agree. Plus, I saw in my email that they are running a Black Friday deal until 11/30 at midnight which they’ll give you 75% off the registration fee. That’s $1500 savings. And that’s not a fake scarcity thing because I paid $2000 to set up my VA and it was worth it.

Saving $1500 will essentially give you almost a month of a FT VA or a couple of months of a PT (you don’t have to commit either way.)

You can have them do as much or as little as you like but, because these VA are trained to help real estate professionals, I’d bet you’re going to want them to take over as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Stay Awesome!

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@Mr Stoked Thanks for this callout on hiring a VA and your experience with Rocket Station. We are always looking for feedback on how our marketplace vendors are doing.


@beaconri You can find the Rocket Station info on our marketplace here:


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@beth so here’s a link to my emails with google support and carrot.  I have not looked at them in a while, so i hope you can sort it out



did not know about this  2 video call opportunities. a

And after your email, i feel like i got a lot more to do. 


@lisa well that was pretty obvious huh?  maybe i didn’t realize they were called the success team.  so i’ve been clicking that chat link a lot. it’s worn out on my pc :-)  thanks for clearing that up.


@Mr Stoked am I hearing you right that it cost you $2k just to set up the VA? what exactly cost so much to set them up?  please detail.   what kind of help do they do for RE prof’s?  And then how much are you paying after the $2k?  That’s a LARGE number for me right now.  

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@beaconri Thanks for this.

I like to compare having a website to having a garden. Having the Concierge Service did most of the work on your site which is great. Ongoing, there will still be a bit of weeding to do.

From the emails it looks like you were trying to get Google Analytics set up for your site. The Google Analytics ID you found on your site actually belongs to Carrot. That’s what populates the Dashboard analytics you see in your Carrot account and why Google wouldn’t give you ownership.


I recommend creating a new Google Analytics account in your name. You will need a verified Gmail account to set up your analytics.

You can do that here if you don’t already have one: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/56256?hl=en


Start here: https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/

This page will walk you through the steps: https://help.carrot.com/tutorial/install-google-analytics/


You can schedule a video screen sharing session here if you want us to walk you through setting up your google analytics: https://help.carrot.com/call/support/

Let me know if you have any questions or if anything is unclear.

Thanks for your help with this.

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@Mr Stoked am I hearing you right that it cost you $2k just to set up the VA? what exactly cost so much to set them up?  please detail.   what kind of help do they do for RE prof’s?  And then how much are you paying after the $2k?  That’s a LARGE number for me right now.  

What I didn’t think about when I first looked into Rocket Station is that hiring a high quality VA on your own can be difficult and, most importantly, time consuming.

You have to advertise to attract applicants, set up a filtering process to find the diamonds in the rough, interview them, vet them (because they’ll have access to some of your accounts), and then train them into beautiful diamonds.

Basically, it’ll take you a minimum of 2-4 weeks to set up that funnel and find a good VA.

Then, you’ll have to train them. That’s about another two to three months worth of time and effort. And remember, when you’re training them, you’re not doing your own work.

Rocket Station trains their employees for six weeks before they even recommend three or four of their VAs to you. I liked all three of them so the hardest part for me was choosing the first VA.

So, do you want to spend two to three months going through all of that or skip the line? I always value time over money.

Another thing I’ve discovered over the years is that PT employees don’t do as well and it’s not really their fault. It’s hard to get in a groove and learn things if you’re only working 12-15 hours per week. Plus, they’re PT because they have other more important things going on in their lives.

But Rocket Station avoids this problem by focusing exclusively on the real estate industry and hiring their employees full-time so that you can hire them part-time. When they’re not working for you, they’re working for another very similar company because, let’s face it, most of us are doing exactly the same thing.

And these are very capable people that you can pretty much have do everything. I’ve been hearing from a lot of their clients about how they kept adding more and more VAs to the point that they simply have to say “Yes” or “No” to deals. I’m not there yet, but I hope to be soon.

Plus, Rocket Station is constantly training their employees/your VAs to get better and better as well as coach you on things that they find work well for all of their clients.

Next, RS only charges you in arears for the actual hours worked at $12hr for PT and $10hr for FT. Right now, I have one FT VA at $400 per week and one PT VA at about $240-300 per week.

I understand money is tight so, if you don’t have the cash or a note you could sell to another investor, my recommendation would be to use any money you have right now to advertise, get a deal, hire a VA, and keep parlaying everything until you have enough VAs that you can take a trip to wherever you like.

Because you are paying another company for a service, you’re not actually “hiring” the VA. I don’t know what state you live in but I’m in California and we’re required to pay any employees, no matter where they live, the California minimum wage.

So, even if I could hire a VA in Tijuana for $4hr, which is a good wage there, I’d legally have to pay them $15hr.

And even if you’re not in CA, there are other benefits to hiring Rocket Station like avoiding payroll taxes, medical, and other taxes.

There is one downside though. Because they are Rocket Station’s employees, you’re are going to continually pay them more than you would pay an employee. I don’t know how much more but I’d guess about 20-30% more because RS has to make a profit.

But I don’t think this is a big deal because the pros far outweigh the cons. Plus, because RS works with hundreds of real estate professionals, they have a lot more data on what works or doesn’t. So, there’s less risk when they give you a recommendation.

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@Mr Stoked 

I’m going to throw some vastly different thoughts into the ring and I encourage people to put themselves in the shoes of a beginner as they read this.

Recognize that ~80% of people fail in this industry and only ~10% according to Tim Oppelt are around after year 2. P.S. @beth How do I tag someone who’s not in this post?

I truly believe that you and everyone else has the ability to be part of that ~10%. However, there are certain choices made that can change your trajectory.

There are two unique challenges to wholesaling/REI in my opinion:
1. High Monetary/Time Risk
2. You have to do/ learn multiple things concurrently which has its limits (see below) ← Risk

And There are three critical pieces to wholesaling:
1. Lead Gen
2. Sales
3. Dispo

So the question is, how do we mitigate risk for these three pieces and ideally how do we only focus on ONE at a time.

Dispo and Sales is a bit more obvious. Partner with someone in your local market who knows what they are doing. 

So, if we’re able to mitigate risk for Sales and Dispo wouldn’t we want to do the same for marketing? Running PPC could have you end up with leads that all have their house listed, wholesalers, etc. There’s no guarantees.

That’s why I think there needs to be a massive shift for early on investors to just buy leads. 

Buy leads with a guarantee that they are off market, not a wholesaler, and that it’s a seller who wants to have a conversation about their home. Because at least then you can bring your partner to the call and have them help you. You may make nothing on the first few deals but you’ll get to watch the process. Then when you’re ready you can start to take on pieces of the process by yourself until your doing the whole thing. At that point, you’ll have money which you can invest into your own marketing if you want to master that.

Agents do this with their brokerage all the time. Why wouldn’t investors?

If I were to give advice to my younger self, that’s the advice I would have given.

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@beaconri What stage in your investing career are you currently? Advanced, Beginner, etc.


@Andykolodgie Thanks for this. Are you saying new investors should buy guaranteed off market leads and then JV (joint venture, partner) with more experienced investors so they can see how the process should flow? Or something else?


To tag community members who aren’t in the conversation, you can use the @ symbol and then type their community name. 

I think this is the video you are referencing from @TimOpp Be sure to watch to the end of the video when Tim does his summary.


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@Andykolodgie Thanks for this. Are you saying new investors should buy guaranteed off market leads and then JV (joint venture, partner) with more experienced investors so they can see how the process should flow? Or something else?


Yes 100%. For me personally it would have shaved off 10 months of trial and error. For many others on both the clients and friends side we see 6-12 months.

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I started a new post to talk about Tim’s video, it’s takaway (from Tim), and the business of real estate here:


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Buying Leads / SEO / PPC are great ways to generate deals. As Andy pointed out, some are riskier than others. And some take longer than others. 

If you can find a way to partner on lead gen as well, that’s a way to get started with low risk. Usually this in the form one co-wholesaling with other investors who have deals they cant move. And so you need to spend time building a big buyers list (FB/realtors/craigslist/google/carrot sites) and reaching out to wholesalers saying “Hey I have a better buyers list than you, let me help move your deals.” and you get a cut you can negotiate with them. 

You are in a beautiful spot actually. There comes points in everyone’s business that things arent working as expected and it forces them to get creative on how to reach their goals. This is when you truly grow and become a better businessperson. So even though its a frustrating position to be in, you pushing forward will separate you from the pack and will give you business skills you can take with you the rest of your life :)

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@beaconri I want to draw you back to this post since there are some actionable items here and questions that haven’t been answered. I want to take these one at a time.

Would you say you are a beginner, advanced, or an expert in doing real estate deals as an investor?

Thanks for your help with this.

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@TimOpp is Carrot only for wholesalers?  I’m sure I can get deals to hold on to myself?  I don’t want to use this platform for “just wholesaling”  Am I wrong?  

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@beth you rock!  thanks for bringing me back here.  I’ve done 6 deals, I’m currently in the middle of number 7.  I’m not a beginner, I’m not an expert.  Advanced?  Not sure where that is on the spectrum - intermediate maybe is a better term for me.  My last project was a major project - converting a mixed use building into a duplex.  I think I checked every box on the list of things to do. I think of an expert as someone that’s done a whole lot more deals than I have.  And has a whole lot more expertise in things such as negotiation, deal structure, creative finance, marketing chops, etc..  I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.