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October Community Member Profile: Scott Johnson

  • 12 October 2022
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1- Your name

Scott Johnson


2- Agent, investor, or both?



3- How long have you been in the real estate industry?

5 Years


4- Do you have any specialties or favorite types of deals?

Specialty: Edutainment Video
Favorite Deals: Referred to other investors who close them
What gives me energy is developing video content that entertains and educates. We're using that as our foundation for lead generation and I'm starting to refer out leads that aren't in our area to Carrot members I trust and know are a hell of a lot smarter than I am when it comes to real estate deals.


5- Are there any books you read that influenced your real estate business and in what way did they influence your business?

Technical & Strategy: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Flip
Foundational Principles: Rich Dad Poor Dad


6- Do you have any routines/regiments you feel necessary to become successful?

Being sincere & real (greeting/feel better soon cards, texts, etc)
Automating tasks


7- Have you had any coaching you have paid for or continue to pay for that you feel is/was valuable to achieving your success?

Paid for and no longer do: Initial "hamster wheel" wholesaling
Continue to pay for: No


8- Is there anything you are currently doing to continue learning and up level in your business?

Building relationships with Carrot members who I can refer leads to.
Learning about developing more robust automations with Podio, Globiflow & Zapier to develop the backend of our business


Scott will also be on our October Community AMA (Ask Me Anything) next Wednesday, October 19th at 3pm pacific / 6pm eastern time. More details to come!

2 replies

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@Scott, where are the bulk of your leads coming from? As a hybrid, how do you approach these leads? Investor first then pivot to retail? Or other way around?

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We are getting ready to go live here: https://go.carrot.com/carrot-community-ama/