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November Community Member Profile: Shea Adair

  • 9 November 2022
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1- Your name
Robin "Shea" Adair


2- Agent, investor, or both?


3- How long have you been in the real estate industry?
18+ Years


4- How did you get started?
Started off as a Superintendent for a Builder, got fired from it, then applied for my Realtors License and quickly learned that I could make more money as a Real Estate Investor and not have to work with Buyers!


5- Do you have any specialties or favorite types of deals?
I specialize in 1Purchasing Properties that are Messy; i.e. Lots of Heirs, Judgements, Liens, etc. The messier, the better


6- Are there any books you read that influenced your real estate business and in what way did they influence your business?


7- Do you have any routines/regiments you feel necessary to become successful?
Treat it like a Business, i.e. Hours, schedule, etc.


8- Have you had any coaching you have paid for or continue to pay for that you feel is/was valuable to achieving your success?
Recently signed up for Josh & Tiffany's Coaching, called Results Driven. It has everything you need to build a team.


9- Is there anything you are currently doing to continue learning and up level in your business?
Go to at least 1 kind of Mastermind per year that is out of my comfort zone


10- Any podcasts you would recommend that influenced your real estate business?

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