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How to keep email inboxes organized?

  • 8 August 2023
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Hey Carrot Community!


I know @Trevor.Mauch is big on keeping inboxes organized and making sure your inbox doesn’t direct your daily actions.  With that said, I’m trying to find the best way to keep all pieces of my business and life organized, and not miss anything important or be redirected by a flood of emails (looking at you, personal email inbox). 


Does anyone have suggestions for how to best organize these various emails I have?


Personal - 

Home Buying Business -

Realtor Business -

Landlording Business - 


My current plan is to route all business emails into one inbox, to where I can select which email to “reply from”.  I think Gmail allows you to do this?  Regarding personal email, I would keep that separate.


However, I’d love to hear how you all are keeping your head on straight with multiple facets of business.


Thanks in advance for your suggestions!



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Hi @Greg,

I have all of my emails including gmails into mac mail on my computer. This way I can see all of my emails and select which email I want to reply from. Each email address has a different purpose so I make sure I see the most important emails. I don’t have any filtering or rules set up. 

I have heard of people setting up google app scripts to organize their emails. This video may help.

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes!