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How did you learn to evaluate properties and deals?

  • 17 November 2022
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Hi Carrot Fam!

How did you learn to evaluate properties to decide if they were good deals or not?

A book? A mentor?

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Hi there! I’ve learned by watching a YouTube series by Chris Goff. There are many YouTubers out there but I found that he was the best teacher specifically for me. The way he explained steps 1-10 for the Wholesaling process couldn’t have been more clearer or more simple.😊

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I learned how to analyze different types of deals from different sources, but mentor was definitely the primary. I found different mentors who taught me about different types of deal analysis.

I did look at a TON of YouTube videos, but until you anchor that education in experience you can’t do much with it.

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@melzhahn2607 Thanks for this. Chris Goff’s intro video on his channel page is amazing. 

Are there any videos that stand out to you as a must watch?

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@sdjohnso Thanks for this. Very helpful. Any youtubers you think are worth watching? 

I have been watching a bunch of Pace Morby’s videos.