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Do you want design, conversion or both? What is important to you?

  • 29 March 2022
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So being a designer on the Professional Services Team I am always curious about this question. So I was just wanting to find out what is important to you and if you think both increases conversions even more?

3 replies

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When it comes to design, I personally want simplicity and aesthetics. You guys do a really good job right now. I use the Aspen theme.

What’s more important to me is conversion.

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The most important to me (a site owner) is conversion.  But I suppose as a website visitor, the design will greatly influence whether I would convert or not.  If I went to a website and it looked like a “diy” website compared to other major players in the industry, I would most likely be turned off as a consumer, unless there were lots of positive reviews that led me to clicking on that site in the first place.

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@smokymtnhomebuyers1 I want to highlight what you said about having positive reviews. This is so important for converting site visitors to leads.

Here’s a blog post for anyone reading this thread about how to get great reviews for your site.

Here’s how to add your reviews to your Carrot site.