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April Member Profile: Agent + Investor Josue Velney

  • 7 April 2023
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1- Your name:
Josue Velney


2- Agent, investor, or both?
I am a full-time real estate developer; however, I am a licensed contractor with a broker’s license.


3- How long have you been in the real estate industry?
I made my first purchase in November of 2010 and never looked back.


4- How did you get started?
I purchased my first property leveraging the first-time home buyer’s program. I was a house hacker before that was a term used in the real estate industry.


5- Do you have any specialties or favorite types of deals?
Ground-up construction and value add projects.


6- Are there any books you read that influenced your real estate business, and in what way did they influence your business?
The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. That book explained how focusing on everything was getting me to know where. Today I only focus on Real Estate Development and use my other skills to support that business. I also like Your First 100 Million by Dan Pena. Dan explains how to scale a business by taking quantum leaps.


7- Do you have any routines/regiments you feel necessary to become successful?
My daily routine consists of waking up at 5 am to read and work out. This gives me a head start over the competition.


8- Have you had any coaching you have paid for or continue to pay for that you feel is/was valuable to achieving your success?
Sharper Leadership Circle mastermind was game-changing for my business. I recommend Sharper Coaching to anyone serious about scaling up.


9- Is there anything you are currently doing to continue learning and up-level in your business?
Working hard and partnering with seasoned investors.


10- Any podcasts you would recommend that influenced your real estate business?
Real Estate Addicts and BiggerPockets.


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