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The 13 Point Quickstart Package

  • 9 January 2023
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We’ve worked hard as heck to build out a great Carrot Help Center for our members that’s complete with guides and tutorials that will coach you through the initial setup and personalization of your site. We’re also ready to support you via our email and live chat support, so for those members who want to learn the system and leverage that knowledge to do it yourself, awesome! You’re covered.

But if you’re busy and don’t have time to go through the tutorials and don’t want to do it yourself, we’ve also got you covered with our very cost-effective 13 Point Quickstart Package geared to do the 13 MOST IMPORTANT things on your website to help you…

  • Add your unique identity to your company page
  • Add credibility to your website when visitors land on your page
  • Match colors and template with your logo (most Carrot members don’t even change their template type, we will make sure to choose a different base template.)
  • Integrate your CRM or Email Marketing System (available for Content Pro and Advanced Marketer members)
  • … and attach your custom domain to your site so you can start marketing in days rather than weeks

What the Quickstart does NOT include:

Now, keep in mind our 13 Point Quickstart Service is geared to do the 13 MOST IMPORTANT things for your website to make it ready for business. This service does not include content edits or re-writes or any custom design elements. This helps us keep the cost down and helps us to deliver the best result possible. If you need anything outside of the 13 points outlined below, be sure to discuss our higher-level services with our sales team. 


You can find out more info about the paid Quickstart here:

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