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May AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Investor Bryan Driscoll Recording

  • 23 May 2023
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We had a great conversation with Investor @Motivated Leads about a wide range of topics including SEO, AI, and backlinks.


Here’s the recording:



  • 0:00 Bryan’s intro
  • 5:53 Can you talk a bit about attribution and what this looks like. Spreadsheets? CRMs? First click attribution vs Last click attribution
  • 10:40 What does direct mean in google analytics?
  • 11:33 I feel like the digital marketing space is more competitive now than ever. What can we do to stand out?
  • 13:37 What are some low cost, or free ways to enhance our SEO/rankings and search with Carrot?
  • 17:25 Speaking of keywords, how can we maximize our rank using the keyword rank tracker in Carrot?
  • 20:37 Best advice for financing buying real estate when just starting out?
  • 23:04 Have you started AI to improve your marketing and or webpages?
  • 24:45 Go over in some detail as to how he targets the right people that would be interested or need a cash home buyer with Facebook ads?
  • 29:30 What is your average cost per contract with your PPC?
  • 30:50 What do you think about citations? What advice can you give to someone who wants to get a jump start on it?
  • 31:32 How vital is it to use location within keywords?
  • 32:51 The impact of using correctly Meta Title, Meta Description, Headlines, and Keywords within Copy for ranking?
  • 34:40 When creating city pages, the content has to be unique as well?
  • 35:48 Go over if he has any data on online marketing vs offline stuff like billboards/trains since the pandemic?
  • 37:09 Tik tok is getting views.  Has he tried advertising there? How Targeted can it be because my experience with Facebook is similar to @homeassetexperts 
  • 39:34 Would it be a good idea to film a video of ourselves in the city for each page? Is that considered unique? One unique video for each page.
  • 42:23 I may have missed it – how much time should we spend each week on SEO and website optimization? Or digital marketing over all?
  • 44:27 Is Google becoming oversaturated?
  • 46:09 Google has an AI search bot in beta. Any predictions? A verbal suggestion vs a list of options is going to make for some pretty extreme competition (personal opinion/guess)
  • 49:08 On a TikTok, how long would the videos be vs YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • 51:19 Going back to keywords selection. Is it better to optimize the homepage with keywords with higher volume if transactional keywords like “sell my apartment” does not have any volume?




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