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March AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Content Strategist Brady Winder Recording

  • 17 March 2023
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Hey Carrot Fam!

We had a great discussion with our in house Content Strategist Brady Winder. @bradywinder answered a lot of questions from the Carrot Community about video marketing, its importance, and how to get started / up your video marketing game. The video is long but packed with great info!

Here’s the recording with timestamps and resources linked up below.



  • 0:00 Intro + Brady’s backstory 
  • 4:49 Video storytelling tips
  • 6:24 Why is video marketing so important?
  • 8:24 How does video marketing impact seo and what role does it play in ranking my site?
  • 11:54 So would you recommend we add a video next to our about us page or on the homepage?
  • 13:48 How can someone get started in video marketing?
  • 17:12 How many minutes should the videos be + how many videos per week?
  • 20:25 Building an audience and becoming an influencer vs videos for leads
  • 22:12 How does video marketing look different for investors vs. agents?
  • 24:10 What would good video marketing look like for a hybrid (investor/agent)? Type of videos, content, etc.?
  • 26:17 Market updates as video content for building credibility and authority
  • 27:54 Are animations good videos for my business?
  • 30:39 Do I need to appear on camera?
  • 32:20 What kind of equipment do I need if I’m just getting started + how important is audio quality?
  • 34:40 Is google looking at the video transcript?
  • 37:04 How can I structure my videos to tell a better story?
  • 41:56 How can I get better at being on camera?
  • 45:53 Besides YouTube/Facebook/blogs, where else can we upload/post our videos?
  • 49:01 What is split testing on Facebook?
  • 50:56 What should I do if I’m not good at memorization?
  • 55:12 Any tips for creating compelling thumbnails for my videos so my videos stand out?
  • 58:55 What has been helpful for Brady including competitive research
  • 1:00:19 How do you promote your videos?
  • 1:01:01 Youtube shorts: do they perform for Carrot
  • 1:02:34 Google (YouTube)/Facebook ads for YouTube videos: what can you tell us?
  • 1:06:20 Should I upload my video straight to Facebook or post the YouTube link?



Video and youtube

Mentioned in our conversation


I know this is a lot of info! Let us know if you have any questions and/or need more clarification on anything in the video and/or about video marketing!


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