January AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Investor Andy Kolodgie Recording | Community

January AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Investor Andy Kolodgie Recording

  • 19 January 2023
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Hey Carrot Fam!

We had a great discussion of all things real estate seo with Andy Kolodgie. Andy answered a ton of questions from our Community. The recording is long and worth the listen.




0:32 Intro and more about Andy

2:31 How Andy got into seo and real estate

5:01 We are all playing on google’s playground and have to follow their rules + how do you stay up to date on all of google’s algorithm updates?

8:59 The 3 core concepts of seo + the importance of having a strong brand

13:46 What is the on page box google is looking at?

15:58 What defines a good backlink?

19:51 What is domain authority?

21:34 Are link exchanges helpful?

23:33 How should members vet backlink or seo companies?

26:16 Can you explain what exact match backlinks are and why google doesn’t like them?

28:45 What are aggressive backlinks?

30:36 Can you explain what an entity is and why it’s so important + what is keyword density?

34:55 How long does it take google to reevaluate site and/or page rankings?

36:57 What’s the value of a press release and is it worth the money or time?

37:32 What is an SEO lead + tips on judging if it’s a good lead or just a tire kicker?

40:14 How is keyword density different than keyword stuffing?

42:02 How does LSI (Latent Semantic Index(ing)) and how does this fit into keyword density?

43:32 What is keyword proximity and why is it important?

44:51 How do you determine the optimal word count for a page?

44:55 Can you talk about the new AI advancements along with pros and cons of using AI for site content?

49:45 What are your favorite seo tools (free and paid) and what about them do you like the most?

51:09 What are your tips for implementing seo on youtube videos?

53:23 How can someone audit their backlinks to see if they are good or bad? If someone finds bad backlinks in their audit, what should they do?

54:24 Any tips for maintaining a site’s google ranking?

55:59 Is there a difference in having the city name first in the seo titles compared to at the end of the title? Example: Chicago Investment Properties

57:20 How long does seo take to get leads and what are marketing strategy caps?

1:02:21 What should you focus on when you are 1st starting in real estate?


Please ask any questions you have below 😃

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