February AMA (Ask Me Anything) with SEO Expert Bryan Sekine Recording | Community

February AMA (Ask Me Anything) with SEO Expert Bryan Sekine Recording

  • 16 February 2023
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Hey Carrot Fam!

We had a great discussion of all things real estate seo with Carrot’s in house SEO Expert Bryan Sekine. Bryan answered a lot of questions from our Community and some of my questions 😁.

The recording is long and worth the listen. Lots of helpful seo info on this call!



0:58 Bryan’s intro and how he became an seo expert

2:55 Where Bryan received his seo certification from

3:49 I would love to learn more about your thoughts on Google Business profile, especially how to utilize for those that work out of our home + what is a service area

5:53 Can you explain the importance of NAP (name, address, phone) and what to do if you work out of your house + what is a citation and EAT score

9:06 If you have multiple sites with different phone numbers and addresses on each site, should you have different google business profiles for each site?

9:39 Are there specific items on a google business profile that are especially important? Are adding FAQs important and can they be word for word the same as on your site or do they need to be changed up?

11:23 How do customer reviews tied to your google business profile help or hurt with your seo?

12:52 Is responding to google or other reviews important? If yes, any guidelines for this? Especially a false or bad review + how to respond and/or fix

12:28 Do you need blog posts to rank locally + How do citations work and should I include links to the citations on my site?  

20:25 Are there any real estate specific citations I should make sure I include and is there a difference between local and national citations?

23:10 Do you need blog posts to rank nationally, what is a content pyramid, do these blog posts help demonstrate your authority and knowledge on specific subjects to google also called EAT, and link equity?

29:59 What is authorship and how does this impact site and/or company seo?

38:29 Does AI content have a place on Carrot sites or in general business? If yes, how do you recommend incorporating AI?

42:54 How does a YouTube channel help site and/or company seo and how?

46:51 How can I make sure my YouTube channel and videos are set up properly for the best seo value + why are playlists important?

50:47 Can you explain what off page seo is and why it matters?

54:21 How do you overcome bad backlinks to your site + how can disavowing links hurt your site’s seo?

59:14 Also, we’re focusing on the New Hampshire market. We don’t have a big city like Philadelphia or Fort Lauderdale to target our SEO around. How would you recommend we think about this?

1:01:37 From what I can tell, most people in New Hampshire search for things on a state level as opposed to city specific. What would be your SEO approach to doing business in New Hampshire?



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Please ask any questions you have below 😎

2 replies

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@beth I’m loving the time stamps and supporting resources! These are becoming an extremely solid supplementary education tool for Carroteers!

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@sdjohnso Thanks for the shoutout! We are planning on video marketing for our March AMA. 

Let me know if you want to contribute 😁

I know you have a lot of experience with youtube and tiktok